Film monologue: A Summer Place


In A Summer Place – Delmar Daves’ 1959 film version of Sloan Wilson’s potboiler of young and middle-aged love affairs, Richard Egan plays Ken Jorgenson, father of budding adolescent Molly (Sandra Dee), married to uptight Helen (Constance Ford). Helen has seen Molly kissing Johnny Hunter (Troy Donahue) and fears that this will lead to pregnancy or even dancing. She blames her husband’s Swedish blood, provoking him to deliver a stinging rebuke against her narrow-mindedness and prejudices.

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monologue preparation


Here are two readings to help you prepare for performing your audition monologue.

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Acting Up Monologues


Here are the full-length audition monologues from the workshop. Every actor should have a set of prepared monologues, to be ready for auditions at any time. Each of you could learn the full-length version of the monologue you chose at the workshop and perform it for acting auditions and school assessments.

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Improvised Theatre


An article which may be of interest. It’s long and a bit dense: read the overview of the history of Theatresports at the beginning.

‘Alive and present’: Theatresports and contemporary live performance. Engelberts, M
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Monologues from films / movies / TV


Here is an interview with an American director about auditioning and selected movie monologues for auditions.

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Choosing your audition piece


Three optional readings to help you prepare monologues:

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Theatre of Cruelty


I have attached three related articles:

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