Acting Up Monologues

Here are the full-length audition monologues from the workshop. Every actor should have a set of prepared monologues, to be ready for auditions at any time. Each of you could learn the full-length version of the monologue you chose at the workshop and perform it for acting auditions and school assessments.

Twelve of the short monologues came from audition speech booklets issued by the big three acting schools: WAAPA, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA – in Sydney), Victorian College of the Arts (VCA – in Melbourne).

Four of the monologues (Chris, Jessica, Linh, Sarah) came from films. I’ve put the full monologues at the end of this post.

Adriana: Anna Petrovna from Wild Honey by Anton Chekhov – NIDA and VCA 2010

VCA Anna from Wild Honey

Georgia: Rose from The Seed by Kate Mulvany (West Australian writer) – NIDA 2010

NIDA – Rose from The Seed

Jess: Vittoria from The White Devil by John Webster – NIDA 2010

NIDA Vittoria – The White Devil

Jo: Cherie from Blackrock by Nick Enright (Australian play) – NIDA 2010

NIDA – Cherie from Blackrock

Josh: Tom from The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams – NIDA 2010

NIDA – Tom from The Glass Menagerie

Laura: Viola from Twelfth Night by Shakespeare – WAAPA, VCA and NIDA 2010

WAAPA-Viola from 12th Night

Margaret: Celia from Hate by Stephen Sewell (Aust) – VCA 2010

VCA Celia from Hate

Nic: Edmund from King Lear by William Shakespeare – VCA and NIDA 2010

VCA Edmund from King Lear

Pirawan: Woman from The Black Sequin Dress by Jenny Kemp (Aust) – VCA 2010

VCA Woman from Black Sequin Dress

Simon: Steve from The Return by Reg Cribb (WA play) – NIDA 2010

NIDA – Steve from The Return

Telana: Snake from The Kid by Michael Gow (Aust) – WAAPA 2010

WAAPA-Snake from the Kid

Zack: Martin from Sex Diary of an Infidel by Michael Gurr (Aust) – WAAPA 2010

WAAPA-Martin from Sex Diary of an Infidel

Movie monologues:

Chris: Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando) from Apocalypse Now (1979 – IMDB)

Apocalypse Now – Kurtz

Jessica: Gretchen (played by Lacey Chabert) from Mean Girls (2004 – IMDB)

Mean Girls – Gretchen

Linh: Judy (played by Natalie Wood) from Rebel Without A Cause (1955 – IMDB)

Rebel Without a Cause – Judy

Sarah: Kathryn (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) from Cruel Intentions (1999 – IMDB)

Cruel Intentions-Kathryn


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