Virtuoso Acting: Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive


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Theory of Directing 2


As promised, the introduction from the following book:

Handbook of Acting Techniques edited by Arthur Bartow.
London : Nick Hern, 2008.
Edith Cowan University library, call number 792.028 HAN

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Artistic Journals


I found this article which is comprised of excerpts from the journal of an American director working at the Globe Theatre in London. I thought it was amusing and interesting. You might find it useful as an example of a professional artistic journal:


Title: A summer of directing dangerously
Author: Gerald Freedman
Abstract: Freedman is the first American director to stage a production at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Excerpts from the journal Freedman kept during his time at the Globe are presented.
Publication Title: American Theatre Volume 18 Date: 12/2001

A Summer of Directing Dangerously

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Theory of Directing 1


I have three documents for you to download (right-click, save-as). Two are scenes for directing workshops.

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Monologues for Student Actors


Here are the PDF files, right-click to download:

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1. Where’s Kate?

Kate: National Play Festival, ‘Must Sees’ (link)

Women: 50% of the world’s population; not 50% of produced playwrights in Australia. Read Kate’s research here: The State of Plays

2. ‘Short Circuit’, a collection of 14 short plays

Griffin Theatre in Sydney produced the plays (link).
Currency Press published the collection (link).

3. ‘Short + Sweet’

Australian ten-minute play festival (link)
Alex Broun, prolific author of ten-minute plays (link)

4. The short plays
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Action words


A guide to “transitive action verbs” and how to use them in rehearsals.