Choosing your audition piece

Three optional readings to help you prepare monologues:

Excerpt from ‘The Actor’s Audition Manual’ by Dean Carey

Choosing Your Audition Piece

Introduction to ‘The Methuen Audition Book for Men’ by Annika Bluhm

Methuen Audition Book-Introduction

Preface to ‘Monologues for Actors of Color: Women’ by Roberta Uno

Monologues for Actors of Color

The first two give general advice about audition monologues. The third article covers some of the politics of acting and race. If interested in this issue, see

Cross-racial casting : changing the face of Australian theatre / Lee Lewis
Currency House Platform papers : quarterly essays on the performing arts, 1449-583X ; no. 13 “July 2007”
ISBN 9780980280210
Copies held by Deakin University; La Trobe University; Uni of Melbourne

And/or read Alison Croggan’s launch speech and the ensuing discussion on her “theatre notes” blog (


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