Virtuoso Acting: Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive

This is a link to “Betty’s audition scene” from the film Mulholland Drive, starring Naomi Watts.

Betty’s audition scene (at; link open in a new window)

Naomi Watts produced a “break-out” performance in David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive. In the film, Watts plays an aspiring actress named Betty Elms who comes to Los Angeles to launch her career. The film has conflicting layers of reality and a non-linear narrative and the character of Betty may be just a dream.

Critics, net-nerds and Watts-fans nominate “Betty’s audition scene” as the performance that launched Watts’ Hollywood career, and fans have posted the scene on YouTube and other video sharing sites. But Betty’s / Watts’ performance in the audition only makes sense if you first watch her practising the scene at home with her flatmate/friend “Rita.” (Rita is an amnesiac who, in some interpretations of the film, may also not exist.)


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