Stage Fright

Method madness meditation: advice and insights on what actors go through before they go on.
Publication: Back Stage
Author: Elias Stimac.
Date: March 7, 2003; pages 32 – 35 (5202 words).

Back Stage: Method, Madness, Meditation

Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety: Dancing With the Butterflies
Author: Chantale Lussier-Ley
Abstract: How often do you hear these reactions to dancing in front of others: “I get Jello legs,” “My hands shake,” “I know someone who sweats a lot!” “My neck and shoulders get tense,” “It feels like I can’t breathe,” “I’m going to be sick,” “Butterflies go crazy in my stomach”?
Publication Title: Physical & Health Education Journal
Date: 12/2009

Dancing with the Butterflies


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