Monologues for female performers

This is a list of individual monologues for female performers:

Play Writer Role Age
After Miss Julie
After Miss Julie – Julie
Marber, Patrick Julie
After the Fall
After The Fall – Holga
Miller, Arthur Holga 30s
Am I Blue
Am I Blue – Ashbe
Henley, Beth Ashbe 16
Angels in America
Angels in America – Harper
Kushner, Tony Harper 20s
Weidman, John & Sondheim Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme 27
Bazaar & Rummage
Bazaar & Rummage – Katrina
Townsend, Sue Katrina
Burn This
Wilson, Lanford Anna 32
Bus Stop
Bus Stop – Cherie
Inge, William Cherie 20
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
George, Richard R. (Roald Dahl) Violet Beauregarde 10
Educating Rita
Educating Rita – Rita
Russell, Rita Rita
FOB – Grace (18)
Hwang, David Henry Grace 18
Fantastic Mr Fox
Reid, Sally (Roald Dahl) Mr Fox
Fear & Misery in the Third Reich
Fear & Misery – Jewish Wife
Brecht, Bertolt Jewish Wife
Glass Menagerie, The
Glass Menagerie, The – Amanda
Williams, Tennessee Amanda 40s
Icarus’s Mother
IcarusMother – Jill
Shepard, Sam Jill 20s
Junk – Gemma
Retallack, John (Melvin Burgess) Gemma 14
La Turista
La Turista – Salem
Shepard, Sam Salem 20s
Laughing Wild
Durang, Christopher Woman 30s
Listen to This
Listen to This – Blots
Frayn, Michael Woman in ‘Blots’
Look Back in Anger
Osbourne, John Alison 24
Low Level Panic
McIntyre Jo 20s
Madness of Esme & Shaz
Madness of Esma and Shaz
Daniels, Sarah Shaz 33
Medea Redux
Labute, Neil Medea
No Exit (In Camera/Huis Clos)
No Exit – Inez
Sartre, Jean-Paul Inez 30s
No One Who Sees the Video
No one Sees the Video _ Liz
Crimp, Martin Liz 35
Old Times
OldTimes – Anna
Pinter, Harold Anna 30s
Oleanna – Carol
Mamet, David Carol 20
Pitchfork Disney, The
Pitchfork Disney, The – Hayley
Ridley, Philip Hayley
Ruffian on the Stair, The
RuffianontheStair – Joyce
Orton, Joe Joyce 20s
Ruling Class, The
RulingClass – Grace
Barnes, Peter Grace 20s
Secret Garden, The
Kitchin, Thérèse (Frances Hodgson Burnett) Martha
Sexual Perversity in Chicago
Sexual Perversity in Chicago – Joan
Mamet, David Joan 20s
Godber, John & Jane Thornton Nicki 20
Shopping & F##ing
Shopping & F***ing – Lulu
Ravenhill, Mark Lulu
Six Degrees of Separation
Guare, John Ouisa 43
Stage Door
Stage Door
Kaufman, George & Edna Ferber Terry 20
State Affair, A
State Affair, a – Marie
Soans, Robin Marie
Streetcar Named Desire, A
Streetcar – Blanche
Williams, Tennessee Blanche 30
Summer and Smoke
SummerAndSmoke – Alma
Williams, Tennessee Alma
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Truly Madly Deeply – Nina
Minghella, Anthony Nina
Truth, The
Truth, The – Gaspode(dog)
Briggs, Stephen (Terry Pratchett) Gaspode (a dog)
Waking Up
Waking Up – Wife
Fo, Dario & Franca Rame Wife
Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?
Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt
Dowie, Claire
Witches, The
Witches, The – GrandHighWitch
Wood, David (Roald Dahl) The Grand High Witch

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