1. Where’s Kate?

Kate: National Play Festival, ‘Must Sees’ (link)

Women: 50% of the world’s population; not 50% of produced playwrights in Australia. Read Kate’s research here: The State of Plays

2. ‘Short Circuit’, a collection of 14 short plays

Griffin Theatre in Sydney produced the plays (link).
Currency Press published the collection (link).

3. ‘Short + Sweet’

Australian ten-minute play festival (link)
Alex Broun, prolific author of ten-minute plays (link)

4. The short plays

These plays are copyright. The excerpts here are for the purpose of research by WAAPA-ECU playwriting students only. If you want to perform any of the plays, you must get the author’s or agent’s permission in advance.

  1. Left Breathless A Question (Sex) by Catherine Zimdahl, published in Short circuit (Strawberry Hills, N.S.W. : Currency Press, 2009. ISBN 9780868198668). The extract below includes copyright information and the introduction to the collection by Nick Marchand, artistic director of Griffin Theatre.
    Left Breathless A Question (Sex)
  2. The Some of All Parts by Mrinalini Kamath.
    Mrinalini’s website is (link)
    The play is published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays for 3 or More Actors 2004 (Amazon).
  3. Seven Jewish Children by Caryl Churchill
    (download free from Nick Hern books: link)
  4. Act Without Words II – A Mime for Two Players by Samuel Beckett
    The play is included in Collected shorter plays / Samuel Beckett. (London : Faber, 1984.ISBN 0571130402).
    Act Without Words II

5. My question (as a director) to you (as playwrights):

Why does your story need to be told as a stage play — why is it not a radio play, film or short story? There should be some aspect to your story work that means that it must be performed live.

6. Discussion points:

I work through these points when reading a play.

  • Inspiration
  • Genre
  • Form
  • What would it look like on stage?
  • Broader cultural resonances (ie films, TV, books, other plays etc)

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